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Whatz new in Webkinz Headers?

WH (webkinz headers) has been updated slowly and we are starting to organize things alittle bit better!

1st: When you order a Header and a Avatar wait for it to be posted on the “Pick Up Header” or if you ordered a Avatar on the “Pick up Avatar” page.

2nd: We have NEW “Desktop and Screen savers” page where you can get your own desktop picture or screen saver!

3rd: We deleted the post of the headers that Penny2263 made and posted it on the “Pick Up Header” page.. and if you need to pick up your header go to the “Order a Header” page and scroll all the way down and see a button that says ” Pick Up Header” the same with Avatars.. except the button will be called “Pick Up Avatar”!


– Zoey500911 and Penny2263



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