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Do you want a header?Here is the place to get 1!
All you do is tell us what kind you want!
YOU MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE WEBKINZ BLOG TO GET A WEBKINZ HEADER!Here are the things you MUST list in order to get your header made!Color/colorsIf you want pets and which petsWhat the name of your site isWhat you want your header to sayVery detailed or just plainWhat size(very important!go to presentation on your dashboard,click costom image header,then scroll down a little to see something x something pixels!)And any other details you can add!Go to the order page now to get a header!Donations on Webkinz are GREATLY accepted!-Penny2263

Penny2263 will be making all the headers!

Order your header here!

Please make sure your has all the requirements above.

Order away! D


I make the headers!

I will have them to you within 1-7 days!

Please order!

Please order by using the order form below!


WILL BE BACK 6/15/08! May 10th! Sorry!Just doing it to catch up on orders!

Please Order in the box above and comments are closed but are open on the pick of page if you have any things you want me to change! Thanks!

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11 responses to “Order a Header

  1. 760×190 is the size. Ok i want a header with the background you guys have on your header. I want it to say Webkinz Kid in cool letters. You can include any webkinz you want, and I want the webkinz to be at the bottom of the header like zoey50091s entry for the header contest. I want it to be an all year round header. Thanks! Please put it on your site when your finished!

  2. Or any cool backround would be good too.

  3. Nevermind, don’t make me a header. I am having a header contest on my blog

  4. Thanks WebkinzKid,
    but I am trying to stay focussed on these headers for now!

  5. webkinzkid

    Can I join the blog?

  6. Well,
    seeing you already have alot of header sites,
    then probably not.
    You have too much to do…

  7. Penny2263,

    Do you want me to make like a order form on the order a avatar page? Because when people type on that page its sends it to me like a order form.. but thats if you want no one to see the orders… let me know..



  8. Hey Zoey!
    Does it send it to the email?
    That might be good…
    the comments would go crazy!
    Can you tell people on your site about it?
    Like post about it?
    Good luck getting your products today!

  9. hey, can you make me a header that says Webkinz To The Max in cool rainbow letters.I want a kangaroo and a chocolate lab on both sides of the header. Oh yeah, have the back round be pale green! Thank you so much!!!

  10. Sorry, I want a black lab on one side and a kangaroo on the other.

  11. Samantha Lauren and Jess,
    Thanks for ordering a header!
    It will be here in the next 30 minutes!
    I hope you like it!
    If you like it overall,
    but 1 thing you dont like..
    I can chage it for you!
    Thanks again!
    -Penny2263 your #1 header maker!