About Us

This site is made by: Penny2263 and Zoey500911 we have gotten many requests to make banners or avatars for people and just decided to make a site for people to come and get them here! We have been blogging for a while and noticed there is a need for banners. So Penny2263 is making banners and I am making Avatars. We both have a blog here they are:

Zoey500911’s blog: webkinzgiveaway.net

Penny2263’s blog: webkinzworld101.wordpress.com

A little about Penny2263:

Penny2263 is responsible, kind, helping, a great grafic designer, and a very good friend. She is here making headers here at Webkinz Headers and helps people with there blogs. She is a very bright and smart girl and helps people all the time! I recommend you ask her for a header by ordering! 😀

A little about Zoey500911:

I am a young artist I make banners/headers but I rather do avatars.. I make avatars here at Webkinz Headers and help people with there blogs. I made Penny2633 a banner (she may have changed it) and my own banner. My dad has taught me almost everything I know about computers he taught me how to animated, do graphics and teaches me art skills. Penny2263 and I have learned WordPress together striving to bring our blogs up and we succeeded. We both get a pretty good amount of hits and I hope that you get a header or avatar here because Presentation is the KEY! I hope to make your Avatar soon!

Blog On,

– Penny2263 and Zoey500911


13 responses to “About Us

  1. kaitlyncloudis

    Good advice

  2. kaitlyncloudis

    Cool i’m 2nd and 1st

  3. kristina97NAME HELPER

    I’m 3d

  4. kaitlyncloudis

    No one commets here.Why?

  5. kaitlyncloudis

    Its my secret place

  6. kaitlyncloudis

    Yeah it still iz so COOL?

  7. kristina97NAME HELPER

    Our secret place i guess

  8. LynadeeBubblegumgirl

    cool!I heard its a secret yo!THATS WHAT bindi&kaitlyn told me!AND THIS IS WHERE THEY CALL THERE SECRET TALKIN PLACE!

  9. kaitlyncloudis

    U GUYS THIS IS MY SECRET PLACE.my my my my my my don’t mean 2 be rude

  10. bindigirl

    Mee too

  11. gellyann

    Please go to this site!:
    And leave a comment!

  12. mariposa911

    I love your websites! Why did you close comments for the headers? Well, I still love your sites! Go Webkinz!:D

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