Become a member of WH!

Dear WH fans,

We are having a contest!

Were hiring a new member to WH!

If you win you get to be in WebkinzHeaders!

The contest is to Make a header for WH!

Make it however you like!

All you have to do is post the link or picture and we will post it up here!

(NOTE:You MUST have had experience blogging if you win and join!)

We are having it now until June 24th so PLEASE ENTER ASAP!

Tell your friends!

Make it your best!

Here is: Dogbelle’s Entry!

Lizzie’s header

Chocolate1121’s header!

Webkinzfan123’s header

 Libby459’s header

(we will post more entries here soon yours could be here so hurry and make one!)

-Penny2263 and Zoey500911



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27 responses to “Become a member of WH!

  1. u guys finally post but u havent made the orders yet…..

  2. dogbelle

    this sounds so cool i think i might do it to for my site or i might try to do a header for the contest

  3. dogbelle

    hi Zoey i have made your header, come to my web site to see it go to and i made a page for it, it is under “here is the header i made forzoey500911 and penny2263” so go to my site and look for it thanks


  4. still no headers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hi zoey i’m making you a webkinz header very soon

  6. hi zoey, i made you a header! go to to see it! i hope you like it,


  7. The comment above, well, thats just 1 i made, but it isn’t for this website, this is the link for the website, i spent 15 minutes on it, i could have spent more but i didn’t want to wast all my time on the computer on this header if i didn’t know if i was going to work here or not so…… here is the link to my fabulous header:

    ~Chocolate1121 ♥

  8. webkinzfan123

    ok im entering im a beginner on headers but i will do my best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. webkinzfan123

    ok im done with the header i posted it just now its at my site go to for it.

  10. nooooo! Your header still doesn’t show up, oh well, go to my blog, and its the first post.

  11. webkinzpress

    Hi, do you make headers? If so, can you make one for my site? On it I want it to say WebkinzPress in black glitter and I want a rainbow background and around WebkinzPress Some webkinz like the samoyed, the panda, the white terrier, the black and white cheeky dog and if you can fit anymore black and white webkinz!! THANKS!! Can you please post it on my blog? it’s
    Thanks again in advance!!

  12. OH NO! I am leaving to go somewhere for a month and a half on Saterday =( And i cant go on my blog, so if i win, i guess you wouldn’t let me join =( im sad =(

  13. webkinzfan123

    dont worry im sure if u win they will wait for u to come back and then u can join! ( if u win )

  14. ok, good, but im going to be gone for a hole month and a half, but after that i am going to be here for the rest of the year

  15. how come you haven’t put my header here? if you go to and go to header pick up you will see the header.
    I am new to making headers so it may not be the best…

  16. Please go to
    For a contest you would do well in it!!

  17. Wow nice header entries! This is going to be a hard contest to judge!

    (Hurry and enter if you already haven’t!)

    – Zoey500911

  18. i hope you like my header zoey i worked really hard on it. I am not very good at making headers though

  19. webkinzpress


  20. kinzfan143

    zoey!!!! i know my username says kinzfan143 but im really WebkinzFan123!!! plz believe me!!! so can u change that to kinzfan143’s header? thanks!

    ~ kinzfan143

  21. umm… zoey can i change my header please?

  22. ok i made the new header and it is at on the header pick up just delete my other entry please

  23. i made u a header at could u please tell me when u get it at my site so i can delete that post??? Thanks!

  24. hey i have 30!!! webkinz

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