Updates and more!

1st:All the orders for Avatars are filled to pick up yours go to the page Pick Up Avatars!

2nd: All the orders for Headers are filled to pick up yours go to the page Pick Up Headers!

3rd: New Desktops and Screen savers!

More updates coming soon….

– Zoey500911 and Penny2263



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7 responses to “Updates and more!

  1. iceskater4ever

    Hi! Can u plz make me a header that….
    says Gabriela’s Snoopy Weblog! and hav pictures of snoopy, woodstock, linus charlie brown etc pictures on it? thannx SO0O0O0O0O0O0O MUCH!
    ~♥ice skater♥~

  2. Tezza@Cloudis

    Kaitlyncloudis fell of a balcony and is at the hospital.
    visit cloudis.wordpress.com

  3. Tezza@Cloudis

    She could realy use a nice comment take it from her mother.

  4. MIichelle Irvine

    i have had webloging before i did with my dads website strutwise !

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