Whatz new in Webkinz Headers?

WH (webkinz headers) has been updated slowly and we are starting to organize things alittle bit better!

1st: When you order a Header and a Avatar wait for it to be posted on the “Pick Up Header” or if you ordered a Avatar on the “Pick up Avatar” page.

2nd: We have NEW “Desktop and Screen savers” page where you can get your own desktop picture or screen saver!

3rd: We deleted the post of the headers that Penny2263 made and posted it on the “Pick Up Header” page.. and if you need to pick up your header go to the “Order a Header” page and scroll all the way down and see a button that says ” Pick Up Header” the same with Avatars.. except the button will be called “Pick Up Avatar”!


– Zoey500911 and Penny2263



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93 responses to “Whatz new in Webkinz Headers?

  1. Sorry WebkinzKid,
    We aren’t hiring anyone right now!
    Besides,you have other header sites!

  2. courtneycat

    i own a site called webkinzfans.weebly.com please visit my site

  3. Penny,
    I’ve ordered a Ton of headers -and still havn’t gotten a reply or the headers. Were Are they? If you lost the form here it is again:

    Hi Penny, I think I know what I want on my banner now!

    Cut off all of the red about the Webkinz Logo
    Add a Webkinz Palm Tree on the beach (I mean like a palm tree from Webkinz World)
    Put Sea Gulls Flying out at sea somewhere near the lil’kinz google
    Put “Elmtree’s Wekbinz Blog” on the Right Side of the Plam tree’s leaves
    Let’s see how that turns out for now. Oh yes I would like to order a WHOLE YEARS worth of banners for holidays -this is a BIG order so I’ll send you something in wekbinz world for this. Pretty much have the same banner as a described up there only added stuff to it. Okay here we go…

    January: Fire Works EVERYWHERE! And make Cheese & Crackers wear crazy hats and text on the left side saying: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Febuary: On the beach, put little hearts all over the shore and on the left side have text saying “Happy Valentine’s day!” and make Cheese & Crackers wear something Valentine – ish hats.

    March: Have 4-leaf-Clovers on the Beach Shore along with Easter Eggs! On the left side put text saying “Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Easter!” Make The Google wear a St. Pat’s Hat and the lil’google wearing bunny ears! -And if you can add a rainbow comeing from the logo to the beach shore

    April: No new banner is needed (Every-day banner is put up)

    May: No New Banner is Needed (Every-day Banner is put up)

    June: Have A Webkinz Volley ball Net and a Webkinz Life Guard Look-out on the shore of the beach (From the webkinz site) and on the left side have text saying “Summer Time!”, Make The Bigger Google have Sunglasses on.

    July: No new banner needed (Every-day banner is put up)

    August: Have Some Webkinz Books (Dosn’t matter which ones) scattered on the beach floor along with Wekbinz Apples too. On the left put text saying “Back 2 School!”

    September: No New Banner is Needed (Every-day Banner is put up)

    October: Hang Ghouts from the plam tree leaves, and graves in the Sand labed “R.I.P.” On the left side add Text Saying “Happy Halloween!” Make the Google have the 2006 Pumkin Hat from the Webkinz Halloween gift 2006, and the lil’google have on the 2007 frankinstien hat from Webkinz Halloween gift 2007. Changes the Sea Gulls to Bats. -If possiable make it seem like night-time in the whole banner.

    November: Add a Turkey Under the Palm Tree and on the left side add text saying ” Happy American Thanksgiving!”

    December: Add some snow patches here and there around the shore of the beach. Put a Star on top of the Plam tree, and hang chirstmas lights on the plam tree as well. Near the bottem of the tree add presants and a Hannahkah Candle. Add Text to the Left Side saying “Merry Chirstmas!” Changes the Sea gulls to Angels.
    Again, this is ALOT and I will send you stuff for your hard work! All above is just adding stuff to the Every-day banner. Thanks!


    That was in an Email & I posted it here but I guess it got deleted or something. Thanks.

  4. elmtree make ur own


  5. Did you guys get the request I sent? I am not rushing, but my comment didn’t show up. I was just wandering, thanks!

    PS, Take your time, and BTW this site is awesome

  6. Hey, 2 comments above this whoever you are -That was kinda Mean!

  7. Elmtree,
    I feel terrible I haven’t gotten your headers done!
    I just took an un-expected vacation and I had to get ready.
    I will get your st patricks day and easter header up first ok?
    I will work on them this week!
    Thanks and Sorry again!

  8. Penny,

    Oh! Okay! Thanks much πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t sure where you were and why you arn’t responding to my emails -Thanks for the feed back I can’t wait to them! πŸ˜€

  9. Awesome!
    I will have them soon!

  10. Groovydudes

    Zoey? I just sent my header order..did you get it?

  11. Oh,

    I don’t do the headers… Penny2263 does the headers… Unless you ask for me I don’t do them… sorry but I got your avatar order! πŸ˜€ I will try to do that avatar soon! πŸ˜€ Also the book cover is going to be hard to fit in there do you want the webkinz to be holding it… (but If I do that the book will be really small…..)


    Zoey500911 πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  12. Groovydudes

    Holding them… YES!!! Let the brown arabian hold the one with the apple on the cover, the grey arabian to hold the one with the ribbon and lil cocker spaniel to hold the one with the flower! πŸ˜€ GREAT IDEA!

  13. Groovydudes

    Tell Penny to do the same thing with the same webkinz on the header! THANKS!

  14. Groovydudes

    Zoey, I was wondering when the icon would be ready. I don’t want to rush, I just want an estimate time to be online… πŸ˜›

  15. It would probably be done….. around………. maybe tomorrow at the latest but I will work on it right now..

  16. I got it done! πŸ˜€ I didn’t get them to hold the books because it was too hard and I couldn’t find the pictures of the book.. sorry but I did do it a little…..

    It will be posted in a few minutes just wait for it at the page “Pick Up Avatar”

  17. Groovydudes

    Thanks a BUNCH, Zoey! I LOVE it!!! πŸ˜€ LOVE IT!!! I will go put it on now! πŸ˜› (Sounds like I am trying on clothes… lol!)

  18. Groovydudes

    Ah! I LOVE IT!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  19. melblu23

    so zoey, how tough is it to run 2 sites? It must bee! WHy did u abandond webkinzgiveaway.net?

  20. I didn’t abandoned WG trust me I am doing alot of be hide the scenes work one the site me and both agreed our regular sites where always 1st and we do WH (webkinz headers) for fun and for helping kids get headers and avatars..


  21. kaitlyncloudis

    Zoey Zoey where are u………

  22. i cant see the full screen on webkinz

  23. kaitlyncloudis




  24. Zoey, Penny, this site is giving away your headers for free and saying he/she made them. http://www.webkinztipz.com/

  25. godlover83

    me and lilly just go on pennys web (its cooler bye the way)

  26. webkinzcollecter

    Hey godlover please visit http://www.webkinzcollecter.wordpress.com and hi Penny and Zoey!

  27. webkinzrgr8 blog

    hi penny, it’s webkinzrgr8’s webblog and i would like a header please.
    have a bat and black cat waving side by side,and in a backround of close up pumpkins with candys scattered around like nerds,m&m’s and so on. also,at the top have it say in dark green,welcome to webkinzrgr8’s blog and have a happy holloween!


  28. webkinzrgr8 blog

    uhhh testing.

  29. Can you make me a webkinz and hellokitty header and put your name on the bottom of it so you can avertize the only thing I want is “Annalyssa’s Webkinz and Hellokitty blog”

    And put a picture of hellokitty and webkinz if it comes out good I will avertize your website and name on you tube thank you!

  30. I want a header that says matts webkinz blog on it with a yellow and orange backround, and in the corners i want two black and white cheeky dogs, one big and one little, both wearing sunglassess.

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