Webkinz Headers and Avatars!

WebkinzHeaders is a great place to get everything you need!

We are making more and more pages and new stuff to help you out!
Also tell your friends to create a blog and get a header and avatar here!

We are NOT hiring now but if we get overloads,

it MAY be considered.

Please take note that we also have other blogs!
Order your headers and avatars!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Penny2263 and Zoey500911



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38 responses to “Webkinz Headers and Avatars!

  1. Hi Penny, 🙂

    I think the order page should be on a page and the how to get a header should be first.. just a opinion .. 😀

    Thank you,

    Zoey500911 😀

  2. Can I join this blog, and help make Webkinz headers?

  3. WebkinzKid,I need to think about it and talk to Zoey about it ok?

  4. I am not sure that we are hiring this early in our soon to be popular blog..but I will definantly talk to Zoey!

  5. Ok i want a header with the background you guys have on your header. I want it to say Webkinz Kid in cool letters. You can include any webkinz you want, and I want the webkinz to be at the bottom of the header like zoey50091s entry for the header contest. I want it to be an all year round header. Thanks! Please put it on your site when your finished!

  6. Zoey:
    No we weren’t talking about you when we talked about people copying. We are fine with others making headers. Yet some people copyed our pages (word for word) and designed their layout like ours. Wich was annoying. Yet you and penny are okay. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much Webkinzrcool1! 😀

    I am so glad you understand… and I have had many copiers with my site too… (webkinz giveaway site) many many people get sites called Webkinz Giveaway © and its annoying too…

    Thank you,


  8. Webkinzrcool,
    I hope you don’t think we took your idea,
    its just we are obsessed with webkinz and are creative and we wanted to use that ability!
    Thanks for understanding!
    Who thought of the icons/avatars first?
    I have known for a while but you never know!

  9. Penny- Well I think Its Obvoius that Leyley & I started the first “real” up and running headers site.
    And not to brag but i believe it has the most hits out of the all.
    Avatars… hmmm. I think it kinda started when Groovydudes Made me an icon for my wordpress. i didnt ask her too… yet she put up a header for me and also made me an icon. SO i guess people got into icon-making! The first SITE i saw was webkinziconmaker.
    No penny you arent copying. See above what we are calling copiers.

  10. puppyz1859

    Penny R u GONNA Spend all ur time or most of it om this site or will u keep posting on webkinzworld101?

  11. puppyz1859

    “Penny- Well I think Its Obvoius that Leyley & I started the first “real” up and running headers site.” That sounded sorta snooty.

  12. I wasnt trying to brag! Yet it’s simply true! It was the 1st headers site about webkinz (at least i think.) And no one had made an actual site JUST for headers, and I just wanted to point out that I THINK we made the 1st one!

  13. It’s o.k guys! Please don’t argue its fine I am sure Webkinzrcool1 was trying to sound kind… and I am sure that Webkinzrcool1 is just trying to help… Just wanted it help you guys…. and if it sounded that way puppyz1859 I am sure she wasn’t trying for it to sound that way…..

    Please no fighting because its o.k,

    Zoey500911 🙂

  14. Puppyz1859,
    I am not trying to be rude but I can go where I please and when I please.
    We had icons a day before you and so..
    anyways please don’t be rude here..
    Act as if we don’t exist!
    I believe you are kind and handle things well!

  15. Hi penny just wanted to say hi

  16. Hey Emily!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hello!
    Im going to make my own header site too if you dont mind zoey and penny!it will have a header kind of like that also!but i wont copy the header and take out the animals!

  18. Avril,
    its fine to make a header site!
    But please DONT make a header close to ours or our theme please!

  19. dont worry!Im making my header and it looks barley anything like yours!

  20. well i just might need this theme if the header doesnt fit!

  21. Avril,
    I like that you look up to us but copying is WRONG.

  22. Wow Zoey and Penny, great job on your own header! Do you think you could make one for my site? It’s http://www.webkinzweblog.wordpress.com
    I’ve tried to make my own, but it turns out so horrible >_<
    Anywhoo, I have a hippo, black cat, beagle, black bear, gold and white cat, and a chiuahuah. if u would make me a header plz try and include 1 or more of my pets. Plz and ty!

  23. Meghan and Laura

    Hi, can i get a banner with a lil kinz poodle. And on the banner it says webkinz4life blog.


  24. Ok guys!
    I will have them ready soon!

  25. puppyz1859

    Webkinzrcool- Even if I said it sounded sorta snooty, I know u didn’t intend that and I’m sorry.
    Penny-I can go where I want when I want? WHAT was that supposed to meaan?Were you trying to snub me or something? It was sort of offensive. And did you say u had avatars and stuff before me? I don’t even have a site! I was just trying 2 stick up for you because I am a regular at your site and you are nice there, but what you said hurt. And what do u mean by “being rude”? Ok, I, can understand that almost-kinda-sorta saying that a comment was snooty would offend someone, but I wasnt trying to be rude ! Well, I’m sorry, Webkinzrcool, and Penny, I’m sorry for trying to stick up for you! 😦 *tear* *sniffle*

  26. Puppyz,
    I understand how you are right now but I really didn’t mean to offend or tear down…
    I apologize and thanks.

  27. webkinzfanz101

    THANK YOU SOOOO much!!!!!!
    How do you put your headers on your site?????
    Webkinz Fanz

  28. puppyz1859

    oh itz fine I waz just being a LITTLE nelodramatic! Lol were cool penny.

  29. puppyz1859

    Hellooooooo? Is any 1 here??????????????????????????????????????????

  30. puppyz1859

    Penny? Where r u????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. kristina97NAME HELPER


  32. webkinzsnewwithcaseylover96

    Hi I would LOVE a header. Please make the background go Light Blue to Pink. Than in the center I want in Light Blue and Pink letters Webkinz’s new with caseylover96. At the bottom I would like A Koala bear, White terrier (lil’ kinz), Pink Pony, A Google, Polar bear, Golden Retriever, Black Cat, Cheeky Monkey, German Shepherd, Cow (lil’ kinz), Penguin (lil’ kinz), Reindeer, Yellow Lab, Velvety Elephant, Turtle, Love Frog, Black and White Cheeky dog, Tie Dye Frog, Duck, And Panda. Beside Webkinz’s new with caseylover96 I want a Hippo and a Pegasus side-by-side. One more thing could I have giltter on it too??????? The website is webkinzsnewwithcaseylover96.wordpress.com Thanks a bunch!!!!!!

  33. webkinzsnewwithcaseylover96

    I forgot to put on the size but I don’t know the size. It is for a wordpress page. The theme is MistyLook by Sadish. I have the pixel size it is 760 x 190. I don’t know if that helps but there it is. Thanks for the header.

  34. 8njkk8njkk

    zoey make my avatar

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